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The Cytogenetics department is one of the oldest departments at our facilities, with all the conventional tests being covered.

We have added to our test of tests, with our latest addition being FISH (Fluorescent in-situ hybridization) with complete digital microscopy for screening and capture.

List Of Tests

7q9.23 Microdeletion (William~s
FISH - ALK-1 Breakapart
BCR -ABL (Philadelphia )
Chromosomal Analysis
Marrow Chromosomal Analysis
Bone Marrow Chromosomal Analysis
Karyotyping (G banding) - WB
Heparin FISH for Anaplastic
Astrocytoma EGFR
Slides FISH for Burkitts Lymphoma
FISH for C-MYC FISH for CLL Panel
FISH for HER2neu
oncogene Amplification
FISH for MDS PANEL -WB Heparin
FISH for t(15:17)
Microdeletion of Y chromosome
(16 common mutations) - WB EDTA
ROS 1 Mutation Testing
Sperm DNA Fragmentation t (15 : 17)
translocation (PML Ra Ra)
UGT1A1 Gene polymorphism


Providing quality diagnostics services is our passion, improving the quality of lives is our reward. Here are a few pointers that separate us from the crowd.

  • New age Diagnostics – At River Diagnostics, we incorporate contemporary best practices in radiology & pathology and augment this effort with exemplary hospitality, quality and consistency in our services. With taking tests regularly made easier, you will now have relevant information at your disposal, helping you to know how your body is functioning.
  • Radiology & Pathology – We provide both Radiology and pathology services which is convenient for the customer at a one stop for all diagnostics needs.
  • New Age reporting – A click of a button and our customers get detailed reporting analysis of there past and present to formulate a detailed health graphical comparison report for all there test. The result is, a reports that offers the clearest picture of health. Because we believe knowing is the difference between our world and a healthier one.
  • Technology advancement – State of the art cloud services are incorporated at River to make digital reports availability at your fingertips for a lifetime.
  • Exceptional TAT – Majority of the reports are available with in a few hours. We understand the importance of fast delivery of health reports and we deliver just that.
  • Laboratory capacity & unique test which are available only with River Diagnostics( Like LCMS – Newborn screening) – We provide unique speciality testing services and tests that are available in our lab. We provide unique and advanced speciality tests available at affordable prices.
  • Home sample collection– On receiving a request through our Website, App or call center a River  trained technicians arrives at the doorstep of the patient to collect samples. Home collection is completely free of cost and reports can be send to your phone via sms/email or can be collected at any of our centers.
  • Ambiance & Empathy – All are centers provide an atmosphere of ambiance and empathy unlike any other diagnostics center to make the patients feel secure, safe and a healthy environment.
  • Social Media – We use social media platforms such as Fb/ twitter/ Linkedin/ Blogs enabling us to reach out to more and more customers and vice versa.

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